Why does this amuse me?

Starry-starry night…

of the Lepus!!!

And the glossary of bad movie terms.
Oh the joy!


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8 Responses to Why does this amuse me?

  1. Eeep. Ok that pretty much fits our bunny. 🙂

  2. Hehehe, I just have the film stuck in my head: Night of the Lepus, in which giant mutant rabbits attack Arizona. Whose idea was that?

  3. Can we blame it on Monty Python for giving people ideas about rabbits being killer beasties?
    Is the movie funny enough to be worth watching like Troll or The Stuff or is it just plain awful?

  4. Oh it’s just plain awful. And it predates Holy Grail by 3 years so… I blame Janet Leigh.

    There’s a detailed–and roaringly funny–synopsis of it Agonybooth.com that includes the phrase “giant toupees wrestling with the horses,” just to give you an idea of how hideously bad this film is:

  5. ok, now that i’ve stopped laughing and wiped my eyes. That really is the worst movie plot i’ve heard in years. Have you seen The Stuff? It manages to be shockingly bad but very entertaining (you just can’t get enough, of that wonderful stuff). I wonder if Agonay Booth has covered it.

  6. No, haven’t seen The Stuff. I don’t have a TV and I’m not sure that’s shown up at my DVD store….

  7. Adele says:

    very old bmovie, ice cream is the doom of man, sillier than bunnies?

  8. OK, I’m thinking that might actually be stupider than killer bunnies….

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