Independence Weekend Photo Post

Still very busy, but took time out to go down to Oregon to visit my Mom’s side of the family for Independence Day. Drove down July 3 and back on July 5, but since I was driving, didn’t get many pix of the scenery. The Oregon Coast is, however, incredibly beautiful. And my family is incredibly silly.

Proof that they grow ’em smaller in Oregon:tiny hot dog
Actually this is a gumi hot dog the folks at the hot dog truck gave us for making them laugh their butts off. When asked if we wanted drinks with our dogs I stole a line from Mr. Kat and said “Oh, no. Just some kind of dead animal on a bun.”

Because it’s a long trip and they need constant care now, we took the ferrets along. Here’s Taz discovering the novelty of a bed he could crawl under.
Taz under the bed

And Sunday was my grandmother’s 85th birthday, so we dropped by to say “hi” before we headed back up the coast. Here are (L to R) my Aunt Sue (with husband Eric’s hat in the background) my grandmother, and my mom, being very goofy:
Sue, Mary, and Joy Happy Birthday Grandma!

On Sunday we headed back down to Tacoma to meet up with Milton and Laurie Eng to see the Tall Ships Festival.
The Engs

Laurie’s father did primary service on the Coast Guard vessel Eagle–the last sail training vessel of the US fleet–which was at the Festival. So we went on board and had a look around.

Eagle has a lot of spars and lines. A lot:
Eagle's standing rigging

Proof positive we really were on board Eagle:
Engs on Eagle
Eagle's emergency steering station

As we walked back to the car, we had to stop to take a picture of the oddest public art we’ve seen in a while: discarded diesel train engine parts scattered artfully on the hill beside the Tacoma Dome’s parking structure. Looks like someone had a bit of a mishap, doesn’t it?
Engine bits... oops

Then home again and back to work, with a short stop for taking Richelle, Caitlin, and Cherie out for end-of-ms drinks last night. (sorry, no pics this time.) We dragged Duane out for a late bite and had altogether too much fun. Sadly, the amount of driving over the weekend tweaked my elbow and I am currently wearing a brace for it, which precluded going out on the Ducati test ride today. Have to try again when closing my right hand doesn’t hurt….


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