My Own Personal Grey

Recent Pics (to tide you over)


The battle to preserve the “googlie” building that housed the Ballard Denny’s at 15th and Market has been lost irrevocably. Personally I think it looks just as good in this pic as it ever did while still a Denny’s. And the service and food are probably better.

In the opposite mode there is Richelle Mead, who always looks good no matter how you try to sneak up on her. This time, however I did manage to catch her cynical side. (It’s the right one.)

She suspects there may be no real alcohol in the “dragon monkey punch” and I suspect she’s right.

Meanwhile here’s one of our neighbors at the Marina. Or more precisely on the marina breakwater:

Kind of a crappy pic since I had to shoot from a dock and use the zoom, but he’s actually about 10 feet tall and leaning on a sword. No… I don’t know how he got there, but legend has it, he merely waits for the day the marina is in deathly peril to come to its rescue. Or possibly to sack it and set fire to the lot of us.

And in spite of the horror of overflowing sewage tanks, showers in the midst of remodel and being three miles from the nearest store, this makes up for everything. I give you, last night’s sunset: