My Own Personal Grey

O Happy Day


OK so… Dentist yesterday, girly-doctor today and everything looks pretty good for this middle aged pudge-girl.

So I took the car to the State Inspection Station and it passed first time through with no problems. Then off to the DOL where they gladly took my $360 to let me own the car and now it is officially mine! Yay! For some reason, I’ve started to refer to the car as “Olga”–maybe because it’s a bit bigger and beefier than I’d really expected to buy, but does the job more than adequately. I think our drive to Oregon in July will be comfortable and safe.

And I finished the novella revision last night–OK, 3 a.m. this morning–and sent that to my editor, who I hope will find no additional issues with it. It’s still a bit bigger than ideal, but it’s hard to explain as much as Anne wants without bulking up the wordcount. Still, I think it’s pretty good.

We now return me to my annually-scheduled novel-creation. Carry on.