Mars Needs Schwag!

Well, actually, I do. I’ve been trying to think of something to give away to fans and potential fans. I mean, I have postcards coming from the publisher and I have my own card, but I don’t have schwag. You know: fun stuff to give away that people actually like to keep. Richelle Mead has her mood pencils, Caitlin Kittredge has her evidence tags, and Mark Henry has his zombie virus. But I… have cards. And I am having a hard time thinking of something very “Harper” that I could provide that is inexpensive, fun, and appropriate. ~sigh~ not coming up with anything…

So, let’s have a contest:

If you have a cool idea for Harper schwag that meets the criteria above (inexpensive, fun, appropriate for Harper-related books, and can be personalized in some way with website/book info) post or send me email at kat(dot)rchrdsn(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll pick the coolest and the winner will get the first schwag when it is available (and personalized if possible with my thanks) and a signed ARC of UNDERGROUND as soon as the contest is concluded.

Let’s get schwaggin’!


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8 Responses to Mars Needs Schwag!

  1. Renee says:

    I can’t think of something specific, but to my mind it would have to be something ferret-related.
    Good luck!

  2. Hmm… ferret-related…

  3. button badges are always good, book marks an obvious need for avid readers, i’m always leaving mine in books and so am forever picking up free ones when I see them. Umm signed book plates for those of us that haven’t made a signing yet(perhaps as suggested above with Chaos on?).
    Mugs would be pricey especially to post, so I guess that’s out, stickers can be fun tho, proper ones or window stickers for cars. Or even batter some witty Greywalker type bumper stickers. Ok i’m getting over excited. Stopping there.

  4. Mike Bara says:

    Okay, I’m no mystery writer (yet) but if I remember my film noir correctly, don’t most PI’s carry a badge of some kind? Like a little fakey police detectives badge?

    Since Harper is a PI, you could order little gray business cards that look like PI badges. I have a friend in LA who’s a DJ and he had some special plastic cards made up that look like an old cassette tape. Now granted, they cost about a $1.40 a piece, but they are super cool.

    Of course, he could just write his name and number on dollar bills and give those away. It’d be cheaper.

    But soooooo much less cool… and isn’t schwag all about being cool?

  5. Perla says:

    I like buttons! I have one from Jim Butcher and from Heather Brewer, and I love that I can put them on my bag or jacket and show the love to everyone.

  6. Alas, I just awarded the ARC to someone! but buttons are cool.

  7. Josh Jenniges says:

    A button badge would be cool…or a magnet everyone can use a magnet to hang something from the fridge…what about a coaster? Coasters help against the nasty rings on your coffee table or galley counter. Even the book mark, that could be something you could set up as a .PDF or .JPG here and have your fans download it and print it for free.

    What ever you do I know it will be awesome.

  8. At the moment I’ve got postcards, flashlights, and notebooks. I’d like to get bookmarks, but I might not have time. There are a lot of things happening all at once right now and I’ve had to push the swag stuff to a back burner.

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