Publishing Update

Cover Update (Not a Cover-up Date):

My editor informs me that the red type on the new cover is supposed to be foiled so it will “pop”. I’m still not sure how much pop you get from a red foil on a red background, but I’m willing to look and see.

Other Publishing things:

  1. The German publisher has offered for Poltergeist
  2. The German edition of Greywalker will be out in August
  3. The UK publishers are negotiating with John for more Greywalker books (right now they have only the first 3)
  4. My Agent has hired a new assistant, so hopefully he will soon be able to relax a bit, once things get caught up
  5. The Underground Tour (hahaha) is now set, although I’m still not sure which Borders store in San Francisco, since my e-mail likes to eat my publicist’s messages–only hers, not anyone else at Penguin (Obviously Valerie’s messages are just tastier than anyone elses.)*


*Correction: SF store has been updated–it will be the Union Square Borders (400 Post). Valerie was the victim of hungry email gnomes who ate all of her mail for a day.


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