Run Away!

Me, that is. Yes, my lovelies (but not, we hope “Delicate UnderLovelies”*) I’m off to England in a few hours. Of course, I won’t arrive there until Thursday, but that’s just part of the fun of International Datelines.

I am very excited, but, being me, I’m also kind of trepid about it. I am supposed to be doing research and I originally intended to go for 3-4 weeks, but at this point I’m going for a mere 12 days and one third of that will be family stuff. Don’t get me wrong: I am just as excited about the family stuff, since it’s Mr. Kat’s family and extended friends-of-family from Norfolk and I’ve never met most of them or seen the village he grew up in and all that is Very Cool to me, too. And I’m sure I’ll come up with no end of evil ideas (perhaps even Eeeeebil ideas) to use in Greywalker #4 whether I’m hanging out in the country or dashing around in the Town, but I am not, in fact, good at improvising and, being a freaky, anxious person I’m worried that I won’t find Neat Things to write into the book. I’d considered extending the trip, but not only is my birthday right after we return to Seattle (and Jim wouldn’t be entirely happy about not being able to spend it with me) but I promised the Daring and Amazing Dana Fredsti and Jess Lourey I’d run around Seattle with them when they come up around Memorial Day on their whirlwind West Coast Tour. Can’t not do that!

O Woe Is I!

On the other hand, it’s freakin England! At last! And it’s my first trip off the North American continent. EVER! Yeah, yeah… I’m a hermit. Even if it is only 12 days, it’s still Twelve Whole Days In England!!! W00t!

Yes, yes, of course I’ll take pictures and as per normal I’ll probably forget to post them, and I’ll try to blog, but I make no guarantees, because, well… it’s England! and I hope to be happily exhausted from my investigations and adventures.

And–oh yes–lunch with my Editorial Team from Piatkus/Little Brown and my agent and a few others, and of course Signing books at Murder One on Thursday May 15 from 5-6.

And oh, Kaz… (or other Londoners) any ideas what evil things I should investigate this Friday? Wheeeeeee!

*”Delicate UnderLovlies was a brand of ladies lingerie which my friend Marci Dehm re-discovered while writing a local history book about Everett, WA.

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10 Responses to Run Away!

  1. Liz says:

    Sweet Kat – I have no idea what you would like to do on a Friday evening, to be honest….but a must would be Covent Garden – shopping Mecca, also quite close to several really good bookshops. Meh. Too many things to think of for you to do – I’ll email you two email addresses and you can perhaps tell me what you would like to do – I know the West End like the palm of my hand – seriously – and will be able to guide you around with my eyes closed.

    Yay! So pleased you’re visiting us!

  2. May says:

    For the record, Liz is my partner-in-crime at Lilith Saintcrow’s messageboard.

    Do not, I repeat, do not let her take you to bookstores–this is why I’ve not met you yet, Liz. *g*

  3. Jess Lourey says:

    When’s your birthday? Gemini?

    I’m going to England in July (I hope), so take notes on what pale, trepid, states-people can do there. And go to Stonehenge.

  4. Liz says:

    Looks worriedly at May. Are you implying that I might try and lead you astray???

    Adjusts halo. Book-Shopping is my middle name!

  5. Zhadi says:

    PLEASE eat some scones and clotted cream for me…. And we’ll need to talk about this running around Seattle too! WHoo hoo!!! Can’t wait!

  6. Well, we’ve had clotted cream, but no scones yet. Quite a lot of beer and fish and chips. Only got back to stable internet today, and having lunch with publisher tomorrow. eep! Water pressure leaves something to be desired in hotel shower….

    taking pix like mad and will upload stuff when I can catch my breath for more than a few minutes. Trying to figure out where in London Will might be living… and where the vampires might have their base of operations…. blargh….

    Currently staying tiny old B&B just off Euston Rd in what is barely Bloomsbury. Walked past Brit Museum after dinner, but they were already closed. Taking many notes….

  7. Toast/Adele says:

    You should go for a coffee at the Brahma Tea and Coffee Museum, I think it’s Southwarke St but i’m not sure. Best coffee ever!!! I love London. Gutted i’m not going to make the signing.

  8. Lilly K says:

    Hi Kat,

    I’m sooo jealous. It is my dream to visit England one day; I am saving every spare bit of cash I can to make it a reality. My cousin went last year and she did a ghost tour around London, which according to her was awesome (I’ve added it to my list of things to do/places to visit in England).

    Now that you are having your first adventure abroad, perhaps next time you may like to venture further a field and come on down to Australia? Lots of fun things to do and fantastic places to visit. Plus my friends and I would love to meet you 🙂

    Enjoy your stay in England. Looking forward to finding out where you decide Will will be living and the vamps headquarters are situated.

  9. Liz says:

    Kat – so glad you’re having a fab time. Also really pleased to have met you. Can’t believe we got you to talk to us for quite that long – I have to say: felt quite sorry for you and Mr. Kat as you both probably needed a good drink and some food and we just chatted away at you for two and a half hours!

    Let me know if you need help in figuring out where Will lives – I have maps galore which might be of help at work (being in property) – if you have an idea as to what type of locale…I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to track down something utterly perfect.



  10. Hehe… I really had a wonderful time talking to you all at the shop. But being a total nit, I lost your e-mail address by the time I got home. I did finish the interview and mailed it to Paola, though.

    I’m so sorry the rest couldn’t come–I’d have loved to have met everyone. Unfortunately, Australia is going to take a while to get around to. 😦

    Still unpacking stuff and trying to find all my pics and books, notes, cards and so on….

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