Holy Good News, Batman!

What a very good morning it is! I was up until 02:30 finishing the novella (at 30,856 words total) and sending it to my editor and agent for review. The last stretch was 6,800 words over 14 hours–not a record for me but pretty hefty nonetheless, so I am stoked! While it’s not as smooth as I might have wanted, it went in some interesting directions and is the least bleak Harper Blaine story to date–actually, it’s down right upbeat! Is it good? I don’t know–I’m too tired, but it’s done and that’s enough for me.

Meanwhile, the amazing folks at Little Brown–my UK Publisher–have pulled a big, delightfully fluffy bunny out of their hats for me and got me booked for a signing during my stay at the prestigious Murder One in central London (which is London’s top crime, sci-fi and romance bookshop) on Thurs 15th May from 5-6pm. Many, many kudos to the fabulous team of Paola, Donna, and Emma! I’m still working on a more casual drinks-and-chat get together, but this is a huge slice of Happiness Pie for me!

Today is not unleavened with “ugh,” though: Dexter is still having skin problems and a friend is headed for surgery (what is with the cancer surgeries, people?) and I have Yet Another Appointment at the periodontist today, but none of these look to be tragic (you listening to me, Hawaiian shirt dude? get well soon!)

So, the good and the bad, the W00t and the Waahhh! all in one big bundle this morning. Kind of like life in general: messy but mostly promising.

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7 Responses to Holy Good News, Batman!

  1. Sandy says:

    Jolly good on the Woot and I remain hopeful on the Waahhh. See you soon!

  2. Can’t hardly wait!

    Oh yeah: I checked with the cell phone company today and I should have service and cheap coverage in the UK.

  3. SYnde says:

    thanks for stopping by on Saturday. It’s is ALWAYS a pleasure to see you. Must get a signing going for you.

  4. That would rock! I’ll be in touch again when we get back from the UK.

  5. SYnde says:

    have a safe and WONDERFUL time!

  6. Liz says:

    Hello Kat! I will be one of the fans there, with my battered book of Greywalker to sign, at Murder One. Really pleased that you are coming to the UK. I am dragging two more with me to the signing, so I hope you don’t mind!

    Do make sure you get your team to take you around to the even larger fantasy, sci-fi and movie store, Forbidden Planet – if you are a shopaholic when it comes to books…well, I’ll say no more. Just buy an extra bag.

  7. Cool! I’ll look forward to meeting you and the friends!

    Yeah, Forbidden Planet is on my list of Neat Places I Must Visit. Alas, wasn’t fast enough to work out a signing or anything. Mmmm… boooooooks….

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