I Wish to Return This Head….

Flargh… I got through the revision of the front 19,000 words, which then had become 21,500. Go me. But today is “start writing new bits day” and I have… yes, The Headache.

The Sinus Headache is my bane. Damn those fluffy bits of bone in my skull. When we have fluctuating pressure–as we’ve had quite a bit lately–especially coupled with pollen or Kat not drinking enough water and other stupidities, I get the headache. It’s not mind-bending, like it used to be, but it’s persistent and annoying and it makes reading very tiring. So of course while trying to read back through the novella I find it difficult to find the places I marked for expansion, new scenes, adjustment, hooks, etc. Ugh.

So I am cat-vacuuming while waiting for the headache to subside enough to make reading and writing less uncomfortable. I am taking out the trash and doing the laundry instead.

Hrm… Ow… back to vacuuming the non-existent feline….


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3 Responses to I Wish to Return This Head….

  1. Mike Bara says:

    You and the hubby need to move down here to Redondo Beach. I haven’t had a sinus headache since I moved back here in November.

    Well, except for the ear infection, but that doesn’t count.

    LA area forcast:

    Today: sunny
    Tomorrow: sunny
    The rest of the week: sunny
    The rest of the year: sunny

  2. Oh stop it. I used to live in Redondo, you tease. Actually, my sinus trouble cleared up for several years after moving to Seattle, but I guess age and mold have finally caught up to me….

  3. Mike Bara says:

    Mostly the mold, I would say.

    Redondo is still here BTW. Bekoning…

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