The Last of the Guest Blog

Today is my last day blogging for Penguin. Here’s the beginning of the final Kat-Blog (click the excerpt to read the whole thing):

“Where do you get your ideas?” There’s a question many writers dread. Not because they order them wholesale from a warehouse in Schenectady, as a famous SF writer once quipped, but because ideas aren’t the hard part. Not really. Ideas are like breakfast cereal; there’re more than I can possibly consume in a lifetime, but the real trick is finding the ones that don’t go soggy and getting my procrastinating backside into a chair and my fingers on the keyboard often enough and long enough to turn them into a story-meal worth serving up.

And today has already been interesting. I’m within a few thousand revision words, plus 3-6k new words of plot wrap-up, climax, and punch-out on the Novella, and since Jim’s going to be shooting things that go “boom” in Idaho this weekend, I expect to be done by Tuesday (including the spell-check, clean-read-through and proof.) Maybe overly ambitious, but it’s better than the alternative–considering I’ve asked for extensions on this one twice. Usually I don’t.

Happy, happy!

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  1. Toast/Adele says:

    I loved your guest spot. 🙂

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