Leave it to me to be all bass-ackward and roundabout with stuff. I’ve been struggling with a revision to the novella. I have the ideas and bits, but it just wasn’t happening. I thought since I was so close to done, I should finish up the word count with the ending I wanted, then go back and adjust the front to match. That was sucking. Not working at all.

So today, I finally just started in making the changes from the front to the back

And what do you know? It’s working.

Some days I appall me…..

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Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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3 Responses to Bass-Ackward

  1. writetools says:

    Awe…so that’s how it’s done :) I am just trying to stop the annoying compulsion to edt…reedit…and not write because I am to busy screwing up the good stuff I already wrote…

    See, there are worse things. Have a great day. Amie

  2. Well… it’s how I do it. Or not. ;)

    Thanks, Amie! Hoping your own writing goes well.

  3. writetools says:

    of course blogging instead of writing my book… might help me to…well write my book :) Funny, I just posted a blog on… sticking yourself to your chair and writing your book…

    …don’t think blogging counts in there…at least I haven’t figured out how to make that one work yet.

    Happy writing to you! Amie

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