Hello Dollfie!

Most of my fan mail is pretty standard: pleasant notes from pleasant people. Once in a while I am envious of my writer friends who get excited notes from fans who paint pictures of their characters, sign on to discussions under their character names, or make sites devoted to their characters. I do get some really fantastic fan mail but never anything as flatteringly goofy as the above. Until yesterday.

One of my fans wishes to dress her Dollfie as Harper. (Stop making that face, you–I think it’s neat!)

Now, being a hermit, I’d never heard of a Dollfie before and had to look it up. Dollfies–if you don’t know–are collectible dolls that the buyer can customize themselves, with everything from hair to eyes and of course clothes. There’s even a site where Dollfies can get their kink on and play naughty games with whips and chains. These are not just Barbie clones gettin’ up to mischief; they are super-jointed, resin-cast dolls that come in sizes from the traditional 16 inches to over five-foot tall. You can even get elf-eared Dollfies and Anime-styled Dollfies as well as those with more realistic features.

Yes, yes, I know: some people can take anything too far, but in this case, I’m quite tickled. I have visions of Harper Action Figures dancing in my head… hehehe…. I may have to move this blog to Cute Overload if this continues. Is it wrong to be tickled by both ferrets and Dollfies?


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3 Responses to Hello Dollfie!

  1. Toast/Adele says:

    Oddly, I love my little collection of action figures, but the idea of dollfies of actual people wigs me out.

  2. That’s OK: Harper’s a fictional character. Now, say… a Hillary Clinton Dollfie would really give me the creeps.

  3. Toast/Adele says:

    LMSO!! That would be almost as scary as one of my mum. šŸ˜‰

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