Bookscan Means Nothing! (Thank You Indies!)

I feel a little odd about this, but I’m so blown away I don’t know what else to do but run around crowing and acting insane:

I got my first royalty statement for Poltergeist today. I was prepared for bad news, since the Bookscan numbers on the sales were lower and slower than they were for Greywalker, but…


Poltergeist sold more than 24,400 copies its first 5 months in release! ( Nearly the whole first print run.)

Which is almost 100% better than Bookscan reported.

And that’s 2,500 more books than Greywalker sold in its first 5 months in release–which were really good sales by all accounts!

And I thought the book was tanking because the Bookscan numbers and Amazon rankings were so low! (shows what I know.)

Obviously I owe a huge thank you to the independent bookstores (like Seattle Mystery, U-Books, Borderlands, Epilogue, and the rest), which aren’t reported on Bookscan, and to my buddies at key B&N stores who pushed the book like mad. I love you guys!



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5 Responses to Bookscan Means Nothing! (Thank You Indies!)

  1. Toast/Adele says:

    Poltergeist finally turned up in my local Waterstones today, so guess what I broght home. 🙂

  2. Oo! Lucky you! (and me!)

    I’m going to be in London in May and I think I’m supposed to meet with someone from Waterstones. We shall see….

  3. Toast/Adele says:

    Awesome, arrange a signing at one of the Leicester branches, or even birmingham or Notts, so I can come. 🙂
    Moving house at the moment so too broke for London.

  4. I shall see what I can manage. I actually have some family stuff up in Norfolk and Ipswich which may cut into my ability to run around as much as I’d like.

  5. Elaine says:

    Congratulations on the fabulous sales. Looks like you’ve truly earned that “bestselling author” title.

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