Not the Day from Hell…

But definitely a day in Purgatory.

At 07:30 local, Mr. Kat’s alarm goes off. Which I try to ignore, but can’t.

Just as I am rolling over to try and go back to sleep, I hear Dexter the ferret crawling into the litter box… and then crying. This is not a good sign in a geriatric male ferret with adrenal disease.

I get up, I look at the ferret. He gives me a dirty look and hops back into bed. OK: not dying, just having a hard time peeing–which is, as I said, not a good thing in geriatric male ferrets… blah blah.

While my hubby tries to dress, I call the vet–whom we just saw last Saturday with the assistance of the very able and long-suffering Cherie Priest–and ask for a call back as to what I should do. Then I take a shower and put myself together so I can have breakfast, deal with some other stuff and hope to get some work done before…

My mom calls to ask if we are still “on” for lunch or something after her post-surgical check up with her specialist. I say “yes, sure” assuming the vet will call back with simple instructions or maybe a Rx. Mom’s appointment is at Noon, so I say I would like to hook up with a friend (the extra-cool Caitlin Kittredge) who is signing books at Seattle Mystery Bookshop simultaneous with Mom’s appointment and then we can hook up afterward. Mom is OK with this.

I do some work and notice it is getting latish for a call back from the vet if I am going to catch an appropriate bus to downtown, so I call the vet again. Quick discussion with Kim, the fabulous vet assistant, results in “get the ferret back in here.” I hmm and haw and ask if this is a “right now” emergency or a “tomorrow” emergency and they say tomorrow is OK, but today would be better….

So I make an appointment for Saturday, just in case, but start trying to figure out how to get Dex to Kirkland (on the far side of the big lake) today if possible. Finally, I call my mom and apologize profusely for raining on her parade, but can she take me to Kirkland for the ferret’s sake after her appointment? Mom is good with that, but it does kind of wreck plans for a relaxing afternoon.

Nothing else to do until then, I give the ferret the meds he still has from last time and head out to catch up to Caitlin.

Small signing, but much joy at SMB and finally waving Caitlin good bye about 13:20 while I camp in the Seattle’s Best Coffee up the hill from SMB to wait for Mom. Not knowing what’s going on in Mom land, and being beset by fire engines (tending a fire a block away), and then by four full-lights-and-siren police cars rushing past, my paranoia-meter is pegging and I drive my poor Mom mad by calling every 30 minutes to find out how she is and where.

Finally Mom and Eileen pick me up and we return to Ballard to fetch the ferret, then drive across the lake just ahead of rush hour, in a rainstorm, to get to the vet an hour-and-a-half early. But they take us early, too.

Ultrasound examination of the pee-less Dexter–who is suddenly less pee-less, but very unhappy about being touched “there,” results in big drugs to make the litter box duty less painful.

Yes my friends: I have a dope-fiend ferret. Dexter is on morphine for a week.

Needless to say somewhere in all of this, I had no lunch and my recently-surgeoned gums are aching, but I soldier on and we have dinner with Mom, who is doing well, for a woman in her sixties who has recently–as she put it–been hollowed out like a canteloupe, and cannot walk more than a half block without something giving her a red light. But the Dr. says that’s normal and she’s doing very well–for a woman in her sixties, who… etc….

So Jim and I take Mom and Eileen out for dinner while Dexter sleeps off his fix, and my vet dreams of “ferret fetish” novels about rehab from the POV of the ferrets: “I would kill for FerreTone!” “Ferret-crack! Yes! To hell with 12-step programs, I just need the one: give me Morphine!”

Needless to say, writing did not get done, today. Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow? (Instead of dim sum or MWA meetings–which I’d love to go to, but can’t eat with the surgery stuff and desperately need the word count. oh my….)


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6 Responses to Not the Day from Hell…

  1. Toast/Adele says:

    I love ferrets, we keep rats, who are also great pets. Hope Dexter feels a bit better now.

  2. yeah, he’s feeling a bit better. We saw some lovely rats waiting to see the vet while we were in the clinic yesterday–they were so cute and clean and had little wiggly noses.

  3. SYnde says:

    Sorry to hear about the scare with Dexter. I am glad the vet could help him. I have got to introduce you to Charlene(a bookseller at our store who has 2 ferrets).I had a ferret when i lived in California( I know naughty naughty) and they are just non stop fun. I do miss Riff Raff!
    take care and relax some too!!!

  4. If I ever manage to finish the novella and haul my ass back into the store, I’ll make sure you do!

  5. I was reading your post and it sounded very similar to what we went through just last week. We have a 7 year old ferret who is adrenal and he got to the point where he couldn’t pee. We took him to the emergency clinic and they drained his bladder the best they could and gave him an antibiotic for infection. Then our regular vet did surgery the next morning. It turned out that his prostrate was enlarged (closing off the urethra causing him not to be able to pee) and he also had a blood clot in his bladder. You can read more about him on my blog at and see what else the vet took out and what else is going on. It has been a week since his surgery and he is happier and more energetic than he has been in months! We’ve been keeping our friends updated with videos as well, so check out the videos on my YouTube site by clicking on the YouTube pictures on the right side of my blog page. Hope your baby gets better. We sure had a scare, but we are all MUCH happier now.

    Dooks & Dances

  6. Yipe! What an experience. I’m hoping we don’t need surgery, but there’s always that possibility. So far, everything’s been looking good though.

    Glad to hear your little one is doing better! Keep Dancin’!

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