OMG! So Very Busy!

OK, so… I went to Norwescon last weekend while Mom was in surgery. Mom doing fine now, by the way. And yesterday I hit the road with the local Fantasy Writers Posse to go south to Portland and support Mark Henry and Mario Acevedo at their joint signing at Powell’s Books in Beaverton.

It was much fun, but… you really have to watch that Mark… he’s so foul-mouthed, mothers pull their children away in fear.

Yes, that’s a real picture from the signing. The adorable little girl was apparently fascinated by Mark’s sotto voce raunch reading of his book, Happy Hour of the Damned, and stopped several times to stare in his direction while he read a scene about Amanda Feral and her zombie girlfriend taking on some swinging Seattle bachelors for a midnight snack.

Prior to that we had all invaded the downtown branch of Powell’s where a beleguered employee allowed the “paragraph” or possibly “plague” of authors that we were to sign the famous SF wall:

And not just little me but the “boys”, the fabulous Caitlin and Richelle,

and the wonderful Cherie Priest (who even has cute elbows)

Much silliness was had. And when I’m less exhausted, I’ll post more, but at the moment, I need to finish up the proof of Underground, get back to the novella…

and oh yeah:

mail back the audio contracts!

That’s right folks! I can haz Audio!! Yup, all three current Greywalker novels will be out on audio soon. w00t!


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