Off! to Norwescon

Soonishly, I hope. As soon as I know what’s up with Mom I’ll head to the land of airplanes and check in. I have early panels tomorrow, starting at 9 am! Eeek!

The whole listing is on my main site’s Appearances Page, and I forgot to make a change there: Patrick Rothfuss will be standing in for Mimi Noyes on the Crime and Fantasy Panel Friday at 10 p.m. Yup, 10 at night, folks! Where it’s all R-rated and the silliness quotient is high.

Meanwhile, got an extension on the novella, so I’m shifting grears to work on the proofs. This is much easier right now, since proofs are highly mechanical and don’t gnaw on my brain quite so much–like a zombie out of Mark Henry’s Happy Hour of the Damned.

But first, a little ferret-snuggling before I run away and a quick prayer to the surgery gods for good news.


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  1. SYnde says:

    Hey Kat- I hope your mom is healing well and that all is better in the Kat-a-verse…take care..

  2. Info was hard to get initially, but Mom was released on Friday as hoped and is convalescing at home. All is expected to be fine at this point. Yay, Mom!

  3. SYnde says:


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