Fuffle (minus Ker)=Kat Has Angst

Ah, woe is the Kat. Me Mum is going in for “female” surgery tomorrow, which is to say the least inconvenient, at most “Holy Shit, Mom! Don’t go and kroak on me!” ‘Cause I have been having that kind of life lately. Mostly good mixed with sudden “Oh Fuck!” moments of total panic. Mom, of course is drifting to the top of my brain at the moment, mixed with horrors over the slow progress of The Novella that Kat Forgot, page proofs for Underground, which are due the same day (April 1) and the impending Norwescon plus various little issues like… taxes, groceries, ferrets, and a strange rash that keeps showing up under my wedding ring (it’s white gold and before you ask, no, I’m not allergic to nickel.)

Oh yeah, and I forgot my student, A. See… a while ago I signed on to mentor a high school student through a long-term writing project and it’s mostly gone well, but I sometimes wonder if I’m really helping. Anyhow… his project is due in early May and we were supposed to meet during Norwescon but due to a work schedule he can’t make it and I hate to admit my relief over one less thing to juggle. Still… I worry that A is not getting the help he deserves out of me. He’s a good fellow and shows promise and I hope his instructors will recognize how far he’s come from the rough drafts he showed me back in September. But this is probably out of my hands.

Meanwhile, Dexter is having increasing health issues related to age and his fun ferret-cancer, which depresses Taz, and me quite a bit. And there’s this Norwescon thing…. Oh my.

I do love Norwescon. I get treated like a princess by the staff and many of my friends show up to the con and it’s generally a good time, but right now… it’s looking very daunting. And I admit to some jealousy that my friends are all sporting new books while mine is still months away. Ugh. Upside however being that some really super cool folks will be in my town for a week or so.

Upside: W00t! Cool people!

Downside: More gum surgery for me in April, Mom under the knife tomorrow….

Kind of a mixed bag, eh? I’d like my chocolate Easter egg now, please….


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