Denver Trip #1–running start

Oh boy! I’m all packed and printed out and checked in and stuff and in just an hour I’ll be off to the airport to begin my trip to Left Coast Crime! Looks like fun, though I think I may not have enough cute clothes for a banquet and a cocktail party…. I always try to travel light (and rarely succeed) but the fact that it’s snowing in Denver at the moment bulked up the suitcase with an extra heavy sweater. And I’m sad that I missed signing up for the Mystery Tour of Denver with Mario Acevedo. 😦 Oh well… maybe I can knock out one of the guests on the list and hide their unconscious body until the bus has pulled away with me in their seat…. (Just kidding! But it is a Mystery con, y’know.)


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4 Responses to Denver Trip #1–running start

  1. Michelle says:

    But is should be in the 50s Sat. and Sunday.

  2. The weather’s been terrific the whole time–at least as far as I’m concerned. Not to hot for my wardrobe or too cold for my jackets. I’ve had a great time and met great people. But I am getting homesick.

  3. MsLedd says:

    *Jaw drops to the floor*

    I’m going to go take a bath with my toaster now.

  4. Don’t you dare! I am on my way BACK to Denver in August and you had better be alive when I get there and ready to kick my ass. Or I’ll be very disappointed….

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