Two More Cool Books!

My incredible writer-friend (and fabulous all-around buddy) Caitlin Kittredge has her debut novel release today! Night Life–a fast-paced Werewolf Police Thriller–is officially on shelves today. Go, go: buy, buy! I reviewed it over at Writers Are Readers a while ago, you may recall.

And my fellow SFNovelist and JABberwockian Jim Hines is also launching a new book today: Goblin War! It’s the third of his goblin adventure novels that feature reluctant goblin-hero Jig and his adorable and feisty pet fire-spider Smudge. It’s a must-have series if you like your Fantasy quirky, funny, fast, and intelligent at the same time. I love Jim’s books!


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3 Responses to Two More Cool Books!

  1. FantasyGirl says:

    I just read a short review of the Night Life book and I have to say it looks great. It’s been added to my list.


  2. Sarai says:

    I have been looking forward to Night Life for a while. Glad it is finally out. If only Amazon worked a little faster!

  3. There’s always the regular shops… 😉

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