A View to Die For

So, Saturday night my sister and her boyfriend and I went out for some drinks around my temporary neighborohood and this was our view from Yamashiro’s at the top of Sycamore Drive in Hollywood:

The line of blue lights is on the Presidential Suite of the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel, which is right across the street from my tiny apartment-hotel, the Hollywood Orchid Suites. The temple is on the grounds of the restaurant which is apparently a reproduction of a Japanese royal residence. The martini’s were about average, though overpriced. But the calamari… mmmm…. and obviously the view was incredible.

At the base of the same hill is the Magic Castle and a few blocks away is the justifiably famous Roosevelt Hotel. And yeah, we had a drink there, too…. And the next day we went to Disneyland! Trite, trite, I know… but I love it anyway!

Since most people were watching the Superbowl and the weather was supposed to be rainy, cold, and miserable (read: just like Seattle in Spring) the park was very far under capacity and we had a terrific time, walking right onto the Pirates of the Caribbean and other fabulous rides and attractions (including my new favorite: Indiana Jones and the Idol’s Eye!) We only had to wait in line a significant time for Nemo’s Submarine Adventure, Thunder Mountain, and Peter Pan. The rest took more time to walk through the ropes than anything else. Alas, Space Mountain was having technical issues, so we didn’t get to do that one, but we did get to try out the most ridiculously fun ride ever: Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters! Part ride, part video game, all goofy fun as you slide through the adventures of three-eyed aliens fighting the horrible Zurg! And shoot things with your blaster as you go! It RAWKED!

And since my sis, Elizabeth, and her beau, Armando are currently looking for a new home we just couldn’t resist this one:

Don’t you think it’s “them”?

I eschew all pics of me, since I look fat and horrid in all of them but this one:

Hey, everyone needs a Disney hat, right? (Besides which, how can you resist Steamboat Willy and Jack Skellington simultaneously with a Rebel Pirate Minnie shirt?)

Monday was busy, busy, running errands and going to a musical evening with our friend Simon Spaulding at the home of another friend, Richard Foss–tons of silly fun was had.

Today was more business, as I went to the B&N at The Grove to sign stock–a real let-down since they hadn’t ordered up and I only got to sign three books. Sadness is mine, but I went to a film at the gorgeous Grove Theater to make up for it and had the Best Coffee Ever! at The Farm cafe next door.

Then I went back to my hotel to do laundry.

Tomorrow: Meeting with film agent. Wish me luck….


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5 Responses to A View to Die For

  1. SYnde says:

    having grown up in LA I know just where you are., I do wish you good luck with the film agent. Bad on the B&N in the Grove, doesn’t it make you love us more up here at Pacific Place? grin.

  2. Sarai says:

    OMG lose internet connection for a few moments and you miss out. What is this about a film agent??? I am so excited I might dribble (J/K by the way) so any news on it?

  3. No news, really. It was just a “get to know you” meeting. He’s very nice, he’s personable and funny and talks very fast. There was some interest from film and TV last year, but the offers were very bad and I didn’t take any of them, so… now round 2….

  4. Best of luck, dear!

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