Too Tired to Blog

I keep trying to blog about the LA trip, but I’m still so tired from the trip itself and adjusting to sleeping in bed that doesn’t move that I’m too tired to make intelligent statements. I shall try to fix that later today after the signing, but there’s always a possibility I’ll miss it.

But just to keep you informed, this is just around the corner from my hotel:

It’s a shopping mall.

and this is on the backside of my hotel:

Yup, I’m staying in beautiful Hollywood, behind the famous Chinese Theater where I played tourist this morning.

And only in Hollywood are you likely to see

Zorro waiting to cross at a light.


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2 Responses to Too Tired to Blog

  1. Sarai says:

    Oh gosh that is a beautiful mall! Much better then the ones in Kansas! I’m glad the trip is going good hope you get some sleep.
    LOL Zorro has lost his horse and needs directions. Only in California I say 😉

  2. Probably he had to park the horse across the street, since you can never get a parking space near whatever you’re going to in LA.

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