Tyrannosaurus Manuscriptus….

And here I was having such fun getting no sleep and playing Wow… when the Copyedits arrived in the mail. They’re due back January 30. Not that big a deal and at 1/3 done already, I’m really surprised at how fast they are going. Why? Because Penguin changed copyeditors on me and I was sure this was going to mean experiencing the “break-in period” again–in which author and CE get in synch with each other’s quirks. But no! So far, this is the lightest, smoothest copyedit ever!

I had things pretty good with Cherilyn, the previous CE, so now I’m waiting for something to come along and ruin the party. A lot of writers seem to have miserable times with their publication team. Me? Hell no! Plainly my Irish luck is fully operable.

But I do hate having to do them, nonetheless. Bleh… you mean I have to look at this ms again? mean ol’ ms…. it’s like a bad penny: every time I think I’ve booted it out the door, it comes back in through the mail slot. Tyrant ‘script! Evil! (and I know I’ll see it at least one more time for proofs… *whimper*)

The Other Project isn’t anywhere near the state I wanted it in by now, so… once again it’s on the back burner. (see kat sigh….) Back to work….


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2 Responses to Tyrannosaurus Manuscriptus….

  1. Elaine says:

    Guess you’re still working on copy edits. In a mysterious way, now that I don’t have a job to go to every day, I actually blog less. Odd.

    Reading “Poltergeist.” I like the thorough and efficient way you set up events so that situations come together like dominoes crashing. When I got to the scene in which Harper tells off her client and convinces him to stop his “research” it was so totally logical and such a natural consequence of what went before. Very believable. I guess that’s what I like best about your style — the quiet way you have of building things, sort of like a pearl in an oyster.

  2. Aww… thanks, Elaine.

    I just finished the heavy lifting on the copyedits and have to do the extras, but I’m basically done now. I think I’ll read a bit now that I have the time–reading my “recent reading” page reveals I haven’t posted a book since October. Because I didn’t have time to read much.

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