Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

The ferret bled on my jacket today. Dex that is, not Taz. He gets these little mast cell tumors on his shoulders and side and they itch, so he scratches… until he bleeds and having dark fur, I don’t see them until I look down at my silver-gray fleece jacket and see the scarlet smear. Poor little guy. Poor jacket. Oh god… more laundry. I live in laundry hell right now. 4 loads down… 3 to go. And sheets.

I’m really trying to be more organized this year, but so far the resolution hasn’t taken–the galley counter is awash in books and papers.to much stuff And there’s a novel and a novella wanting my attention. Yes, those are UK editions of Greywalker and Poltergeist on top as well as the Chinese versions and a bunch of books signed by others-those are in the blue Ziplock bags with desiccant for storage. The rest are TBR books and both work and household paperwork and receipts that need managing, filing, and putting away. Without honey, please….

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2 Responses to Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

  1. Dave B. says:

    And how would one get a UK copy of Greywalker or Poltergeist for you to sign, dear?


  2. Ding ding! You win the prize! I have only one copy of each that isn’t reserved for someone, but I can bring those to MWA meeting on Saturday, if you will be there (and I remember–my brain is mushy lately.)

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