Starting Off Crazy

Alright, so…. Went to friends’ party and had a lovely time for NYE–moderate drinking only and plenty of good company.  We made lists of every thing in 2007 that “sucked out loud” (mine was really long) then burned them and had a huge, noisy send-off to the old year with about 400 holiday poppers–the house was awash in a confetti tide by the time we left.  Excellent time had.

Slow, relaxing morning on the First and a lot of playing World of Warcraft with the Hubby.

This morning, off to get the periodontal stitches removed–feels strange to have no Bondo-like glop covering my lower teeth or sutures wiggling like seaweed on the roof of my mouth.  Have to go back later in the year for more work–this was just the first stage–but it’s done for now!  Yay!

Got a note from a blog reader on the WordPress who was annoyed that I’d posted a photo of his (technically, I linked to  his site, but it’s a very gray area) so I removed the link and apologized.  He felt I was “demeaning” the subject, which wasn’t my intent.  Sorry guys, no more lederhosen pics.  But it did take him a year to say anything, so I scratch my head a bit on this one.

AND my first book signing of the year is Tomorrow, 7 p.m. at the University Bookstore in Seattle’s U District.  W00t!

ALSO In a week and a half–Jan 12–the regional MWA group will be meeting to hear one of my favorite Seattle Crime writers, Curt Colbert, speak on the subjects of historical research and using it in your (crime) fiction.  He’ll also discuss some famous and not-so-famous historical crimes and his new project editing an upcoming Seattle Noir anthology from Akashick books!  Writers showing up for the event (Dinner time at the Northgate Marie Callender’s) will be able to get the skinny on how to get a shot at having a story in the anthology.  Tres cool, yes?

Not a bad start to 2008 after a crappy 2007.  Hoping yours is wonderful!


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2 Responses to Starting Off Crazy

  1. Elaine says:

    crazy good! happy new year!

  2. Woodstock says:

    I’m a few days after the first, but very sincere! 🙂

    Happy New Year, Kat!

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