Pumpkin Pie and Periodontists

I’ve been a little less than communicative lately.  Kind of tired, feeling a little burned out and in need of more Christmas that isn’t the stress end of the holiday stick.  So the other day I went out and bought a frozen pumpkin pie.

Mmm…. Pumpkin Pie.  Boy do they take forever to bake and cool.  But it was so worth it.  Three days later there is a lonely slice of pie left… calling to me.  Oh how that pie knows my name.  It wafts out its cinnamon-and-squash whisper “Kaaaaaaat… I looooooooove you.  You looooove me too… eeeeeeeeat meeeeeeeeee….”

Last night I gave in to the blandishments of the pie and felt utterly justified; I’d had gum surgery that lasted an extra hour and the creamy soft texture of the pie was just perfect for someone whose chewing apparatus is currently swathed in oral “bandage”–a sort of epoxy glop molded over the recent surgery–and whose lower jaw feels distinctly as if it’s been ventilated by very small, very aggressive termites.

In spite of the fact that I’m not the most comfortable individual on the planet, I’m pleasantly surprised to discover that my periodontist–Dr. Jeanne Bertino–has managed to do the job without the sort of screaming pain most people have described to me for this.  And she calls to check on you, herself!  But I still feel I deserve that slice of pie….


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2 Responses to Pumpkin Pie and Periodontists

  1. Dave B. says:

    Sympathy on the surgery. Eat the pie. If it still talks to you after, check your pain meds, then pass them along to friends.

    xxx’s and ooo’s


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