The Road to Hell (is paved with iPods)

W00t to my buddy Jackie Kessler! Her newest book was slated for release in a week, but, voila! it hit the shelves yesterday. And I missed it! So, make me feel better and scamper over to the nearest bookstore and inspect The Road to Hell by Jackie (buy 2 — they’re small!) Or, go visit her site (which also has an excerpt and tour info) and see how you can win a nifty iPod Nano from Ms Kessler! Excellent, yes?

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2 Responses to The Road to Hell (is paved with iPods)

  1. Jackie says:


    Thanks, Kat! **smooch**

    So, at the World Fantasy Convention, I saw terrific bookmarks for POLTERGEIST. Are you at the con, by any chance?

  2. Aww… it waren’t nothin, ma’am.

    Bookmarks? hrm? I have seen no bookmarks… There were some postcards at one point though.

    Alas, not at the con, but Agent Steve is. And my lovely editor, Anne Sowards. Tomorrow our fav SF bookstore manager Duane Wilkins will show up–find him. He’s huge–6’5″ and not small around. He does great signing, if you ever happen to be out here he’s worth knowing.

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