Mad, mad, mad…

Well, first off, I agreed a while back to do a werewolf short for an upcoming anthology. A Christmas anthology. A Christmas werewolf anthology. So… here I are on the hook for 8-10k words by Nov 20 and I was not having a good time of it.

So I harrassed my most werewolf-knowledgable friends, Caitlin Kittredge and later Cherie Priest and we kicked ideas until something stuck–well not immediately, but in a back-of the brain sort of Oh-That’s-horrible sort of way, because we were driven from a perfectly reasonable coffee house by 9/11 spouters of the liberal stripe (as bad as spouters of the conservative stripe only a bit more Pinko and Green.) And as I was walking home wondering how to make something really dependent on the werewolf and Christmas elements (not just werewolf and incidentally Christmas or vice versa) I had an Idea. So I rushed home and wrote it up as a 3 para synopsis. Haven’t gotten a 100% go-ahead yet, but I think it will–pardon the reindeer reference–fly.

So there, one madness.

And not long ago I allowed myself to be persuaded to attend the upcoming signing at University Bookstore/Kane Hall for Laurell K. Hamilton. I’ve never met the woman and I started and stopped reading Anita Blake at Bloody Bones, but I figure since I get told I’m imitating her often enough I should probably give the woman a chance in person to show me what she’s about. But ironically the very person (yes you, Richelle) who persuaded me to go is dumping us so she can go drool on Bill Clinton. Boooo! But the rest of the UF posse shall keep the side’s pride in order (and occupy the back row, snickering behind our hands and Steampunk sunglasses like evil snickery things.)

/Cue Count: “Two! Two madnesses!”

And because I am truly insane, I agreed to mentor a young writer. (As if I have anything to say.)

Then there’s the matter of revisions and eventual copyedits, another novel to do, and a novella I agreed to deliver by April.

Madness, I tells ya! Madness!

But at least I get to go hang out with the cool kids on Halloween for Cherie’s horror extravaganza at Hugo House. OK, it’s not just Cherie’s but… hell, I know what the important things are. Be there or be… a smashed pumpkin. ‘Cause all the cool kidz r goin.

(This post is cross posted to the LJ, to see who goes where.)

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2 Responses to Mad, mad, mad…

  1. Elaine G says:

    Well, this comment is a little late. That’s okay I’m sure. Been thinking how nice it is to visit this blog and get glimpses of the writerly life. There aren’t enough of those in real life. I’m sure many children would opt for writing if they only knew it was a possible life.

    I don’t think you are like Laurel Hamilton at all. You both write in the same category and your tone is similar but that’s it. Your styles are different, your characters are different and your take on the whole alternative lifestyle thing is different. If it helps your circulation to be associated, okay then. But I wouldn’t recommend your book to someone who likes LKL. Not enough full out sex.

  2. LOL–true: not enough sex. I’m not sure how it happens, but it’s definitely a label that gets bandied about if you’re female.

    Writing is such a weird profession and for most people it’s never self-supporting. I’m VERY unusual in how well I’m doing and how quickly it happened. Most writers languish in the midlist at best, for years. Some never break out of it and others never break IN. While I certainly encourage young people to consider that it can be done, I think it’s wise to have a back up skill and to go into the field with open eyes, knowing it’s a cannibalistic and difficult one that you pursue because you love it to the degree that you can’t NOT do it. Not because you think you can get rich in it.

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