Ah the scavenger hunt contest has come to an end and a reader named Johanna Novales is the winner! Richelle Mead has notified her and is arranging to get her booty to her (9 whole, fabulous signed books!) Yay! Congrats, Johanna!

And for those of you wondering, here are the answers:

  1. In Kate Daniels’ world, what color would a human mage register on the magic scanner? (Blue.)
  2. Which author was first published at age 9? (Richelle Mead)
  3. Which character wears Banana Republic clothing? (Georgina Kincaid)
  4. Which epic myth was one of these authors’ first bedtime stories? (The Odyssey)
  5. In what government facility did this author teach art? (Avenal State Prison)
  6. Which author’s character shudders at the thought of being monogamous? (Jackie Kessler)
  7. Where did Felix go to solve the Blanford case? (St. Lucia & Vanuatu)
  8. Which author busted her mom doodling on a comic book cover? (Jackie Kessler)
  9. What piece of music is blasted at the beginning of one author’s book 2 excerpt? (“Imagination” by Glenn Miller)
  10. Ilona accidentally dyed her hair the wrong color. What was it? (Black)

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2 Responses to Answers

  1. Dave Bara says:

    “…Richelle Mead has notified her and is arranging to get her booty to her…”

    Wow, I didn’t know there was booty involved!

    Guess I missed out. – db

  2. Not that kind of booty…. 😉

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