Shoe… head….

Right now, I am deep in the depths of suck. Sick cat being the top of the horrible heap with a lot of other nerve-stretching disasters making up the steaming pile beneath. I’d probably feel less blue if it wasn’t so freakin’ cold. The wind storm we’re currently experiencing dropped hail the size of large peas for about a minute and a half, then poured on a little more the size of beanbag chair beans then some rain, some wind, some thunder, lightning and more wind and rain and dropped the temp to 48°F while stealing all the heat from the uninsulated boat. All furbearians are sleeping to avoid the chill. Being a hairbearian, I’m, naturally, sitting up, typing and shivering while waiting for the heater to work some overtime. brrr….

But at least I’m down to the last 3 pages of the revision. I’ll have to throw out the entire original epilogue and write a new one, since the changes throughout, though small, have been significant and have pushed required facts and tone in a markedly different direction. Well… no one said this gig was a dottle. Back to it, I guess….


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