Pogue Mahone!

The fabulous Caitlin Kittredge beat me to the blog but I still have a Pogues earworm (Fiesta!) after a lunatic night at the Showbox SoDo to see the Pogues! Damn it was a fabulous show and they capped it off with a 4-song ovation return. They managed to dredge Shane McGowan back from the grave, or the bottle or wherever the hell he’s been and the band seriously rocked and raged.   Can’t even begin to list the songs, it was such a blistering hot set, coming one on another like seismic shocks with only a few lower key moments to make the punch harder when it came.  But they did play several of my faves, including Bottle of Smoke (alas I was sitting in the lounge catching my breath after nearly fainting from the heat in the mosh pit and didn’t get the full acoustic affect of the piercing welter of tin whistle over the aggressive pound of the bass and drums. Damn damn damn!) and took no significant break–15 minutes out of 100 is not much.

And speaking of the mosh, my hubby–an old-guard punk afficianado who introduced me to the Pogues in the first place with Hell’s Ditch–says the Seattle pit fans were total pikers.  Only a single punch up and people apologized when they stepped on me or pulled my hair or drove their elbows into my kidneys.  What sort of punk tradition are we teaching here in Seattle?  Hokey smoke! But there was one terribly cute redheaded fella with an Irish accent wearing a green-and-gold plaid suit with an orange shirt and a wicked hat who cut up more rug than a carpet layer.  He was a gas to watch, when one wasn’t being menaced by crowd-surfing yabbos and elbows from Hell.

And the lounge makes a decent pizza, but the beer’s a bit pricey.  Still… If I had the $60 door cost, I’d be tempted to go back to tonight’s performance–the Pogues put on one hell of a show!  (The rumour mills claims they might be releasing a new album and I’d feel it my duty to pay full price and support one of my favorite Irish bands.) Have I said “Pogue mahone”?  I love these guys and I’m thrilled to have seen them live, with the infamous Shane on the mic. Brilliant!


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