In which I guest blog on AlmaNews

The very lovely and talented Alma Alexander, author of the Jin Shei and Worldweavers books, has asked me to guest blog and so I have. Kat Rants about Amazon numbers on Alma’s blog. Not as bad as it sounds, though I finished it up at 2 in the morning so I think I made a few typos near the end….


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4 Responses to In which I guest blog on AlmaNews

  1. Bart says:


    nicely done.
    I have actually remained blissfully unaware of most of these factors-and for the record buy mostly at small bookstores. I cannot but imagine that looking for some indicator that will give you hope is a common pratfall for authors looking for validation.
    However, if you are thick skinned enough to succeed in the being an author business, I think that taking counsel of fears is just couterproductive silliness.
    Glad to see you “all over the place” Resistance is futile…Kat, you will be taking over soon. Regards,
    slightly Mad Bart

  2. I r Katliq of Borg… prepare to be… umm… what’s that word again…?

  3. Elaine G says:

    Interesting essay (commenting here as I prefer not to join up live journal). Well thought out essay. Seems to me that online is its own culture and not necessarily related to meatspace phenomena. There’s some crossover, but possibly even the crossovers are in a sociological segment of their own. I, and I’ve heard others, sometimes use online to see what’s there. Amazon is good for that. If I can wait and don’t feel like going out, Amazon is good for that, too. Lately I haven’t been willing to wait and I’ve run out to the bricks and mortars.

    You were right. Your last sentence has a typo. Oh well.

    Another interesting concept: the “being an author business.”

  4. I noticed the typo after it was up. I don’t have access to the blog, so couldn’t fix it. I have a rant about Amazon’s reviews, but that’s for some other time.

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