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Bad Computer–no chips!

Alas, just as the revision notes arrived, my computer flipped a bit–literally. After weeks of odd behavior, the OS became unstable and wouldn’t stay up, applications shut down or crashed, displays hung, eventually, it wouldn’t let me shut down normally … Continue reading

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Not even a bridesmaid

Well… the Shamus and Anthony nominations came out today and I didn’t make either list (I didn’t make the Hugos, Nebulas, Campbells, Endeavors, Stokers, Dicks, or anything else, either). Not that I’m terribly surprised: my books are marketed as Fantasy … Continue reading

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Strange… blue

At the moment, things are very strange and I am somewhat… azure.  My computer has developed some weird non-deterministic flaw (yes, “flaw,” damnit) which is causing crashes and drops and stalls and hangs.  No matter how often I verify or … Continue reading

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More Free Books!

Not me, this time, but Jim Hines who wrote the outrageously funny RPG-style Adventure spoof Goblin Quest (it’s mentioned on my Recent Reading tab under “January 2007” if you want to see what I said then). I thought the book … Continue reading

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Wanna win a Poltergeist?

You could get an autographed copy of the Poltergeist by checking out the “featured book” at The Internet Book Database! Tres Cool, yes?

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