They’re at it again

Continuing the theme that spammers are idiots, here’s a piece of screenshot from my spam filter:

Spam filter screenie

I couldn’t make these things up.


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9 Responses to They’re at it again

  1. It’s like they’re using a Terry Pratchett character name generator 🙂

  2. Yeeesss…. only in Spamlandia does anyone name their kid Clemenceau Spoon….

    and what is up with those infrared weevils anyway?

  3. ElaineG says:

    I couldn’t make them up either, but someone did! You definitely get more of the creative names than I do. Infrared Weevils? Do you need special glasses to see them in the daytime?

  4. anghara says:

    See no weevil hear no weevil…?

  5. At first I thought it said “waffle.” (What sort of syrup does one put on an infrared waffle?)

    Today’s spam names were very amusing: Necessary Sherry, Precognition Decoys, and Philosophizing I. Standstill (is that like some weird kind of divination…? Spamomancy, perhaps?) Dik Iarden, Wladimir Neverdal, Kareem O’Connell and Jesus Jenkins also sent me important, unsolicited commercial e-mails today. The spamalator is working overtime on those names, though I noticed that a lot of the subjects were now four-digit numbers–this apparently the latest trend in spammery.

  6. Jenni :-) says:

    I think I went to school with a Clemenceau Spoon. Not surprisingly, he got teased a *lot* about that name. Maybe this is how spammers are born?

  7. Dave B. says:

    I think my favorite is Saucing P. Smelting. I’ll have to use that in a book somewhere.

    “It was a dark and stormy night at Saucing P. Smelting’s office, the kind of night that made you turn to the booze before halftime of Monday Night Football.”

    or something.

  8. Could you include Shellfish E. Misunderstood as his geeky and befuddled neighbor? Poor Shellfish… he longs to be Kosher.

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