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I’m serious here. My friend Cherie Priest has the world’s wickedest cat: Spain. Spain is not well: Heretic Spire, a Damn Lie – not. funny. (Looks like a rubber band doesn’t it?) So, think good thoughts for Spain the Cat, because a world without Spain would be… a lot less funny (and probably cause Portugal to fall into the sea.)


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3 Responses to Support Spain

  1. Thanks, ma’am 😦

    She’s in surgery right now. I’m waiting for the vet to call and let me know how it went; I ought to hear any minute now. Trying. Not. To. Go. Nuts.

    It’s a hair twistie. Even though I threw all my hair twisties away in favor of combs, sticks, etc. — she still finds a loose one once every blue moon and eats it … which is, of course, why I got rid of the whole bunch in the first place.

    This is the first time one’s ever gotten stuck though, and didn’t exit one end or the other. We knew she had a hairball or something, but we gave her a laxative and thought we’d wait overnight. Thank God we didn’t let it wait any longer. But when she didn’t want breakfast for the second day in a row, I knew something was seriously wrong. This is not a cat who misses meals.

    Anyway — thanks again. I’m not sure what we’re going to do yet, but the vet thinks her prognosis is pretty good because she’s otherwise in excellent health — and since she hadn’t eaten or had any water in 24 hours (at least) they went ahead and did the operation today.

    I have to leave her overnight, though, and it just breaks my heart.

  2. Dave B. says:

    Sympathies from all us cat (and Spainy) lovers.


  3. I am sending all my best wishes for Spain’s full and speedy recovery. (C’mon Spainy!)

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