A Cat of a Different Color

In contrast to Spain who is lovely and quite sweet, I present my cat (who is not).
Kitts Hates You--he hates everyone

He is 19. He is the most cantankerous cat in Ballard–which is going a long way, considering that this is an industrial district on a canal. (There are rats the size of Toyotas here.)

Kitts owns the dock--he thinks

His name is Kitts. Not because we couldn’t come up with anything better, but because we thought he looked piratical and we wanted to name him something “pirate-y”. Of course Morgan wouldn’t do (its just soooooo common doncha know?) So I thought I would name him after a location associated with pirates. But do I call him “Jamaica”or “Port Royal” or something like that? No. I named him after the island of St. Kitts. Which, it turns out, is not actually known for its association with pirates.

But, you know, Dry Tortuga was right out.

Still king of all he surveys--from the bench

Kitts believes he is the king of all he surveys and will brook no playing silly buggers.

So he claims. He also claims to hate, loathe, and abominate the ferrets (whom we know he secretly calls “the stinky brats” behind our backs.)

Taz gets the upper... umm... paw

So much for that. Kitts must hide in shame, now….

Please don't look....

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8 Responses to A Cat of a Different Color

  1. OMG THE FERRET AND THE CAT! That is an awesome picture, and you have killed me with its cute.

    BTW — the prognosis on Spainy is good. I’ll know more in the morning (see LJ for details).

  2. Dave B. says:

    Kitties are such lovemongers. They will do anything to stay warm and have something soft to sleep on. Which ferret is that, BTW?


  3. That’s Taz. If you hover your pointer you may be able to read the alt text for the pic–doesn’t work on Firefox, though.

  4. Dave B. says:

    He looks like he’s using Kitts for chaise lounge!


  5. Yes… it does at that….

  6. Elaine says:

    Definitely terminal cuteness. Kitts looks like he has mink fur.

  7. Kitts felt like a Chinchilla when he was young–very soft. No, not so much.

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