More dumb spam

This just in–and I do mean just into my recently reconfigured e-mailbox: many many spams purporting to come from dissatisfied lovers complaining about their male partner’s male appendage. What’s funny about that? How bout that my mail client shows the sender’s soi disant moniker right after the subject line, so that “My boyfriend’s (phallus) keeps slipping out!” is being declaimed by Alvin Inigma. Oi Vey, Alvin! The pseudonym doesn’t fool me, I know it’s you, you pervy little rodent. Just what are the Chipmunks coming to…? Get a movie deal, and go straight to Handbasket. Next thing you know, Simon will be telling me he needs my help to extract money left to him by a Nigerian despot and he just knows I’m a good person who will give him access to my bank account and Theodore will be hawking me Cialis from his Genuine Canadian Pharmacy. Lo(w), how the furry have fallen….


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3 Responses to More dumb spam

  1. John P says:

    I get those too. Regardless of which rodent they are sent by, I can never figure out why these presumably female spammers feel the need to reveal embarrassing details about their husband’s/boyfriend’s/SO’s sexual inabilities. (And to the extent they are male, exactly what are their appendages slipping out of? Enquiring minds pleadingly do not want to know! Perish the mental image!)

  2. Yes, I agree: one of the most horrifying aspects of spam is the TMI factor. Although it occurs to me that perhaps the object in question here keeps slipping out of “boyfriend’s” pants, and thus scaring the hoot out of poor dear correspondent–“Good doG what is that Thing?!”

    I get spam here, too, and one today says “Christian Station foamcore garage door parts… cat farm”. WTF?

  3. John P says:

    Christian Spam is unfathomable.

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