The Continuing Publication Saga

Sooo… having got home and caught up to my sleep at last I find there is much else to update.

First off: Piatkus (my UK publisher) recently came under the banner of Little, Brown. I’m actually kind of charmed by Little, Brown but that might be because they are a venerable UK house of literary fame to my US-steeped brain. As a side light to this, my editor informs me they are moving to new offices, upgrading my promotion, and will be shipping Greywalker and Poltergeist this December, rather than waiting until next August. So an additional new cover is in the works and Gillian is probably dashing about madly to get it all done (again, I seem to have landed a terrific editor who works harder than a team of draft horses while being unbelievably nice–which makes up for my first editor at Dark Quest in the editorial karma stakes, I suppose.)

Next: Polish rights contracts arrived and are on their way by Postal snail back to New York to be forwarded to Warsaw and so on… thus bringing Greywalker’s translation tally to five languages (traditional Chinese, Russian, German, Romanian, and Polish) with both US and UK English versions as well. (I don’t think there’s much translation being done in the UK one, though.)

Thirdly: apparently I’ll have an author photo and bio on Underground (is this good?)

And most importantly: Penguin asked for an additional three (3) Greywalker novels, so I’ll be able to complete the originally-intended five-book arc and start a new arc or go on to a related standalone. Right now that sixth book is the great debate: new arc, freestanding Harper novel, or spin off another character from the current cast in a related novel? This is a very tricky problem for me as I have ideas for all of these and can’t decide which to pursue right this minute. I’d probably be having less difficulty if I weren’t trying to mash quite so many other things into my days. Feel free to weigh in with your vote!

(Though I reserve the right to do what I want in the end–I’m female after all.)


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  1. Congrats!

    And do you know whether they’ll be out early enough for Christmas presents?

    I vote for new character, but that’s me–I’m a fan of the five book arc and I believe that all series should have an ending.

  2. Chris says:

    Cool beans on the continuing 3-book deals! I hope you find some inspiration regarding the sixth novel, whether you can find some spicy subplots to pad out books 4 through 5 or enough zing to one of the characters to generate a standalone in the Harper Greyverse.

    In any case, money is an excellent creative motivator! :p

  3. Sandy Carpenter says:

    CONGRATS!! I am so proud and so pumped about this. What wonderful news. I am particularly excited about the early UK debut. I have already purchased the first two again to take as a special gift, but am delighted to be able to tell all others that they will be available to them much sooner than thought. As to the 6th book, I am kind of inclined to think a new character spinoff, but hey whatever it is it will be great!! What a gal!!! As to photo and bio in Underground, speaking simply as a reader this is good!!!!!!! Us readers like to see and know more about our favorite authors. Little ,Brown, that name just envokes so much that I want to just give a contented sigh……

  4. Alas I don’t know what the proposed release date is for UK. “December” is all I got and considering how recently they made that decision, it’s obviously a matter of rushing a bit, so it may actually be up in the air.

    I’m not actually too worried about my ability to come up with something to fill the book 6 gap, just what it will be, however is the question.

    I’m thrilled to be associated with Little, Brown–who wouldn’t be a tinge excited about the venerable firm that brought us Louisa May Alcott, P.G. Wodehouse, C.S Forester, and Ogden Nash? hee hee.

    Thanks guys–you’re all fabulous.

  5. Cam says:

    Congratulations! I can’t wait for the next book (and the 4th and the 5th…)


  6. Mark says:

    Congratulations! I’ll start the chant…

    Three New Books!
    Three New Books!

  7. Jenni :-) says:

    Woooo hoooo!!! Congratulations, Kat!

  8. Man, you guys are spoiling me…. 🙂

  9. Dave Bara says:

    Good news abounds.

    Actually, about book six, I was thinking on that just this afternoon (yes really, it’s amazing what you can do with a 90 minute commute).

    I was remembering the tour we took of the underground at LCC and about how there were once so many ladies in downtown that they actually called it “Whitechapel” for a while. So… my sick mind goes… how about a Harper story where she encounters a ghost that was murdered back in the 1890’s… and the killer was… (dun dun dun!) Jack The Ripper? Or a copycat? This poor soul just wants justice, and she comes to Harper seeking help in solving her very “cold” case. Does this work with the rules of the Greyverse? Perhaps harper has to even GO BACK IN TIME via the Grey to solve it…

    OK. Enough with silly idea. If you want the 5-page synopsis I can forward it on (kidding!)


  10. Perla says:

    I am extatic that there will be 3 more books in Harper’s series. I have always wanted more from the Danzinger’s and have always told anyone and everyone that I would love a spin off for them. I love Rhino Boy!

  11. Wow! I am sooooo proud of you!

  12. Sean Wald says:

    Congrats on the 5 book deal! I cannot wait to read them!!!

    I’m wondering how a freestanding Harper novel would work, since she is The Greywalker (for now anyway, who knows what you have in store for us!) As for a 6th book, I’d like to add my vote to the other character thing. I would love to see a book for Carlos. I think he’s a very interesting character and would love to learn more about him. It would be particularly great, if he weren’t necessarily portrayed to be a “hero” but more of the anti-hero. Just my opinion.

    Again, congrats on the deal! Hopefully I can follow your advice and make it to Seattle in time for the next book to be out and get it from the place of origin.

  13. Neal Levin says:

    Glad to hear about the great editor, thats always a pleasure to have. Once again, sorry that your first editor at Dark Quest was such a bear to work with.

    That sounds strange to get a deal that is larger than your intended story arc, but good news. Of course it also leaves you buffer space in case one of those ends up wildly oversized and they force you to split it into two books.

  14. Luckily I wasn’t locked into a series-ending at book 5 so more is a nice vote of confidence. As to the editor–it happens and once you knew of the situation you fixed it. I may never want to write another elf book again, though 😉

  15. Laura Stamps says:

    I never understand a 5-novel arc. My friends and I are all urban fantasy addicts, and when we fall in love with a series we want it to continue (like Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files series and Charlaine Harris’ Southern vampire series, for example). It’s hard to let go of characters/storylines you really like.

    I have just finished the first novel, “Greywalker.” It does contain lots of great characters (even Chaos). But for some reason I really liked Carlos, the vampire necromancer. I thought it was very interesting how by the end of that book he helped Harper and her friends out so much. He is definitely one character I would like to read more about.

  16. I’m not sure why 5 was the magic number either. But let me be clear: I’m not intending to close down the series at #5. It’s just the final tie-up of the big questions that were raised in Greywalker and continue through the next 2 books. The serious wind-up of those questions will start in Book 4 and conclude in Book 5, but that doesn’t mean the end of the series, just of that arc–that set of questions.

    I’m not writing the adventures of an ensemble cast, here, so no one but Harper is going to be featured in all the books all the time. If I spun off something featuring Carlos–or any other character as the main focus–it would be a freestanding book. Right now I have no plans to spin any characters into their own series.

    Carlos is one of the toughest characters to write. Keeping him plausibly in play sometimes takes a lot of thinking and rewriting. Naturally, it’s the difficult ones who are fascinating. 😉

  17. Laura Stamps says:

    Good to hear that the series maybe not ending at 5 books!

    Well, he may have been tough to write, but you did an excellent job with Carlos. When you introduced him he was just another vamp player in the plotline. But when you moved him to help out Harper, Quinton, Cam, and the Witch destroy the organ, you moved him from a one-dimensional character to a three-dimensional character in my mind.

    (I have to stop here and say I can’t remember the name of the Witch. That says more than you can imagine. I am a Wiccan Faery Witch, so you would think I would remember her name. But I can’t, and the book is not in my office right now to snag my memory. So now you can see I also liked Cam and Quinton as characters (grin) too, simply because I can rememer their names.)

    Okay, back to what I was saying about Carlos. After you had them destroy the organ you made Carlos so injured he had to stay at the Witch’s house in her basement and then move to Cam’s house later. In doing so you created yet another side to the Carlos character in that he would need this kind of care and he would permit it, powerful as he is as an old vamp and a necromancer.

    I think it is possible that in struggling to portray Carlos plausibly you created a character with enough flesh on his bones to stand out from the rest. I know you gave many more pages to the Witch and her family, but it is Carlos I remember. Like I said, being a Witch myself, I find it amazing I can’t remember her name. What a hoot! I didn’t realize that until now.

    But if you did a freestanding book with Carlos, imagine what he would tell you? Wow. I think it would be a fascinating project, don’t you?

  18. I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’ll have to just say “stick with me and I think you’ll be very happy.”

    I’m pleased that so many readers have different favorites: it argues that I did a good job of creating characters that stay with you. Some people adore Mara and Ben Danziger, others are big fans of the vampires, still others want “more Quinton!” or even “more ferret!” Harper is frequently the least-interesting character on stage, but that’s not entirely an accident since a good detective is someone who blends into the background and solves a problem without becoming part of it.

    Ross MacDonald once said that the ideal PI character could “turn sideways and disappear” while the plot ran on, only lubricated by the detective’s movement, not motivated by it. Of course it’s not true for all mysteries and certainly not for all Urban Fantasy–far from it for UF where the protagonist is usually the motive force of the plot. I’m no Ross MacDonald even on my best day, but it’s fun to try and put the two fields together and see what happens.

    Carlos, however, will never be mere plot lubricant and he’d be a lousy PI. 😉

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