Walking Dead

Still really tired after the insanity of running all over the northern coast. Signings at Borderlands and Powell’s Beaverton went very nicely–my hosts Alan and Peter were both fabulous. Got to spend an insufficient amount of time with loony friends from TTLG and more friends from Portland, later. Met new fans and friends and had a generally great time, even if I got very little sleep (I have difficulty sleeping in strange beds the first night and since I never slept more than 2 nights in the same bed, the whole trip was pretty sleepless.)

I even managed to catch up to my brother for a few hours in San Francisco–he’s doing a winemaking internship in Santa Rosa which I knew nothing about until he showed up at Fisherman’s Grotto for dinner with the TTLG crew. It’s always cool to spend some time with Drew and I wished we’d had more.

Portland was definitely too short, but I’ll be back at the end of the month for Craig and Ily’s wedding, so that should make up for a little–but not enough. Plainly, I have to get my butt back down to both towns sooner rather than later. And I’m still owing my sister a visit in LA, but I couldn’t manage the extra travel this time, since I have to do another signing here in Seattle on Saturday and then the wedding…. So… October, maybe?

While I was traveling, I did find time to read a terrific book: Bone Song by John Meaney. It’s coming out early next year and it’s the most unusual dark fantasy I’ve read in ages. Kind of a police procedural/thriller set in an alternate world where power is generated out of the bones of the dead and zombies and wraiths are not only real, but at the center of a controversy about the rights of the “paralive”. Meanwhile… a dark cabal is murdering artists for their bones…. It’s creepy and twisty and delicious fun and I’m all smug about getting to read it early.

Meanwhile, still more business, more forms, more books…. I want a nap.

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8 Responses to Walking Dead

  1. Cam Collins says:

    Hi Kat!

    I just finished reading Poltergeist, and just wanted to say how very much I enjoyed it. I thought it was even better than Greywalker (which I also just finished; I was very happy to discover you’d just released another novel). Can’t wait for the next book!

  2. I’m glad you liked ’em. I’m done with the first draft of Book 3, but it’s still with my editor for her evaluation. She’s usually pretty thorough, so I figure I’ll be back to work to accommodate her notes and requests sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. That one should be done and ready for pre-press in November/December and on shelves next August.

    No idea what kind of schedule I’ll get for the ones after that, since we’re still negotiating.

  3. I saw your book there at Borderlands and was all, “Woo hoo!” Welcome back and stuff 🙂

  4. Levi says:

    I wish you could come to South Dakota to see your fan(s), I been trying to spread the word of your book to all my friends.

  5. I was in South Dakota twice… back in 2001. It was the worst trip of my life but I remember S. Dakota fondly (so striking and freaky and empty). Connecticut… not so much.

  6. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the tip about “Bone Song.” Sounds intriquing. I love “paralive.” Neat.

  7. Chris says:

    Insufficient amount of time is right! Glad we got to chat once or twice regarding stuff, even if it was en route to the restaurant and then in the noisy but excellent Chelsea’s Place, where I may or may not have had one too many drinks.

    Despite being AWOL for Sunday, I managed to snag a signed Poltergeist from Borders on Friday before I left and that was a nice surprise to round out the end of the trip.

    I just finished reading Broken Angels, so I’m going to jump straight into Poltergeist now! Looking forward to it…. anyway, it was fun to finally meet you, ‘blue.

  8. Then I’m particularly glad I was able to get in to that particular store and sign them–just luck I happened past on Sunday morning and they were open so I trotted in….

    It was a pleasure finally meeting you, Chris. I hope the flight back to Australia wasn’t too horrid.

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