A Message from a Worshipper!

Or that’s what the spam said. Now, I know that they think I’m stupid enough to click the little URL link that will take me to their den of Spammery–especially if they stroke my ego–but no matter how much my head may swell I really don’t believe there is anyone out there who actually worships me. I’m a pretty decent writer, a swell human being–just ask my mom!–and damn cute–according to my hubby–but a goddess? Not hardly.

Spam truly amuses me–so long as I’m not being flooded with it or inundated with the backsplash effect of some asshat using my domain as a false “return” address. I occasionally harvest a really nifty name from a spammer’s ID and use them in my writing–after all it’s not like they’re going to sue me, now is it? Of course, I don’t write enough comedy to use the really good ones, like… Surreal Origa, or Nintendo Gomez (I kid you not!) No, no. Malachi Gonzalez, Bryson Hall, and Tessa Petty are quite sufficiently odd to be real and still dopey enough to be unlikely. They will probably turn up in a ms some day as murder victims or homeless drunks. Possibly small shoeless mammals in an SF gene-splicing misadventure tale. And shall I feel bad? No, I shall not….

In the meantime, I don’t mind the occasional letter from a fan. But y’don’t gotta worship me. (Well… maybe just a little worship… on alternate Wednesdays.) 😉

About Kat Richardson

Writer, editor, eccentric pain in the tail, bestselling author of the Greywalker novels.
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14 Responses to A Message from a Worshipper!

  1. Levi says:

    Proceeds to take down the temple of Kat Richardson in his closet. (lol just kidding I am not that obsessive too much work and I am lazy)

  2. Michael Ehart says:

    Ah, well, I shall have to find something else to fill my days.

  3. *LOL* So they saw you did bite the whole “enlarge your breast” spam bit so now they’re trying catch you through your ego, eh? I get spammers about wanting to exchange links with their “horny sex partner” find websites. Uh? Hello? *rolls eyes*

  4. SPAM: Senseless and Puerile Abuse of Mail
    SPAM: Pseudo meat product of unknown origin and questionable value
    I think I see a correlation….

  5. Elaine says:

    I’ve been getting those greeting card spams, too. I haven’t opened any of them, though. Harvesting names is such a creative use of spam. I love it!

    There’s a neat little generator that makes up names from actual names in the US census: http://www.kleimo.com/random/name.cfm. (can I make html here?) However, I don’t think Nintendo Gomez is listed. But, you never know.

  6. Elaine says:

    Ah! Got my question answered. The links gets made automatically. Very nice.

  7. Xpopher says:

    A brief search of “Kat” on http://www.godchecker.com/ turned up three results, none of which *appeared* to be you. But if you were a god, you’d be in disguise. Hmmm. I think I’ll devote the last 1/4 of my beer to you just in case.

  8. Dave Bara says:

    I think that’s God-dess, ins’t it? Now that Idea I can buy…

    Maybe I’ll set up a Kat Richardson worship page…


    😉 db

  9. Do I get holidays? An Annual Katfest, maybe?

  10. Dave says:

    Yes, from now on October 31st will be known as KatFest. Attendees must wear grey and carry some type of Kat memorabilia. Or ferret-worship items.


  11. Levi says:

    Now that is a plan.

  12. Levi says:

    I was wondering If Kat’s Books become a movie or a Minni-series, who would we want to play Harper Blane?
    I say the one From SG-1, you know the one from Farscape.
    But for some reason I see Will looking like Alec Baldwin.

  13. poacher says:

    I tried being a God once, but the only opening was a Demi-God of potholes and inconvenient mud puddles. It ended up being a lot less worship than I originally thought.

    I gave it up, but I’m on a waiting list to become a saint in a fast food drive-through category. I’m hoping for more happiness and praise there.

  14. Vipress says:

    Thanks for your writings! I was drawn to the Greywalker books since I am a fan of other “vamp” authors and happened by the display one day. I started the first one and by day three, went back for the second.

    Having lived in the Seattle area for 10 years back in my younger days, I love being able to identify with the places and descriptions you supply.

    Thanks for a great character… she’s tough yet vulnerable, and love the strange friends she accumulates! Can’t wait to watch her evolution as she creeps (no punn intended) deeper into the Grey.

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