In the Pink (or not so much)

If you’ve ever wondered why women seem to have difficulty vaulting past a certain level in artistic businesses, take a look at Caitlin Kittredege’s blog entry Backbiting, backstabbing, and poorly punctuated snark (or, why we can’t break the pink ceiling) for a very nice explanation of the phenomenon. Women really need to drop the cattiness in the business. Yes, I know, everyone enjoys a good gossip, but for heaven’s sake, not at your own expense.

On a more positive note: A big congratulations to Lesley W who won the signed copy of Poltergeist in the contest at Milady Insanity’s blog. Yay Lesley!


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3 Responses to In the Pink (or not so much)

  1. Levi says:

    Wow, did not know that writing can be a such a literary battle ground of ego’s and pride. In where your weapons are wit and repose on a battle ground of words and paper. It seams to be that most of the common people who read the books and enjoy them really do not care for these wars on a persons persona or the way they write. As one of the common I just love to read, but as a person I know the full damage words can do to a person, because weather you realise it or not words have power and seemingly a life of their own. They can be use to lift a person up or bind them down, they can heal a person heart or tear it to shreds, and like most mothers would say “If you don’t have something good to say then don’t say anything.” ~Kat I am sorry I do like to rant I am not saying any thing bad about you, just my thoughts on that topic.

  2. Oh I’m familiar with the effect of thoughtless words–especially when they are in text only rendered without any emotional context.

  3. Levi says:

    Funny thing is I am 25 and I have known this for 15yrs.

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