I’m doing something wrong…

Online Dating

Reason: 3 Hell, 1 Breast, 1 Anal (sounds like Kentucky Fried Demon)

Clearly, not enough filth, sex, drugs, or violence here. I’ll have to work on that.

(But it went up to PG-13 after posting this rating. Hmmm….)


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One Response to I’m doing something wrong…

  1. Richenda says:

    Too funny with the movie ratings. I got a PG as well, apparently zombie is not a good word to use four times if you want to be family friendly, lol. Zombie (4) Dead (3) Shoot (1). My blog would make me seem like a horror writer! But really I mostly talk about history and religion. Of Course, there was that one blog about bone eating zombie worms, but those are real. Think ‘Nature Channel’ as in Rated G!

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