101 Reasons to Stop Writing

Ack! Horribly clever “demotivator” posters to make you STOP WRITING! Heheheh….


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2 Responses to 101 Reasons to Stop Writing

  1. Cliff Burns says:

    The anti-writing posters cut wayyy too close to the bone. Every day I sit at my desk and worry about the well of inspiration going dry. Every time the mailman approaches, I worry it’s yet another rejection to add to the growing pile. My printer is making ominous whining noises and the paper feed doesn’t seem to be working properly. My computer is old and obsolete and though I try to back up everything, ten years worth of stories and novels, maybe I’ve missed something and one day will lose it forever. And THEN I view a few of those damn posters you’ve linked too. It’s a wonder I’m not on my way to a hardware store and laying in a supply of rat poison…

  2. Is that poison for me? Cause you have a nifty mystery plot right there. See: even demotivators can be helpful.

    As to the rest, I say it’s a plot.

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