Fits and starts

I am trying to be more consistent, but some days I seem to have no drive and others it’s overdrive. Still making the 10k weekly goal, but, oh boy the ways.

Stayed up until 04:30 (that’s four in the morning or 11:30 UTC for you universalists) and wrote the complete Chapter 12 (some truths about Albert are revealed. And let’s not forget the zombies.) 6,178 words. This morning did the read, review, edit, and clean up routine and bumped it to an improved 6,625 . Total count to date? 60,063 words. And just a touch over 50% done–if I’m going by the outline, which I am.

And Chapter 13 is hopping up and down impatiently saying “me next, me next!” and I can’t remember what I was going to call the character introduced in this chapter or what last name I’d settled on for someone else and my brain feels like cottage cheese. Oh yes, I’m supposed to be harassing poor Charlaine with interview questions–which I haven’t done because I’m obsessing on this and I know she’s busy with her own ms–and I need to find homes for the 2,000 remaining Poltergeist postcards, but haven’t spent a lick of time getting in touch with conventions to send them to for swag bag-distribution, or any of those things. I need a secretary…. And a spare brain. I shall not keep it in a jar by the door like Eleanor Rigby, though, as the ferrets would no doubt dump the poor thing and then knock it around the boat until it inevitably ended up in the cat box and since I already have one mind that’s usually in the sewer, I probably should take better care of the spare. Don’t you think?

blargh. Can’t I just get paid for being clever?


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5 Responses to Fits and starts

  1. writeitoutplease says:

    Don’t we all wish we could be paid for being clever? Unfortunately, we can only benefit from actualities, not potentialities. I kind of have the same problem: I’m trying to research and write a novel while putting out resumes and learning HTML. Forget a spare brain, a spare person who could assimiliate everything and then fuse back into me would be nice. Have you tried making a weekly schedule for yourself to balance everything out?

  2. Levi says:

    Alas we can not be, for fortune rarely smiles that way.
    I agree with Write in saying a clone or doppelganger would be nice to even out the shear madness and chaos of life.
    But any way you have a new Fan, just absolutely loved Graywalker, ate it up and enjoyed every bit of it.
    As for the Plot twist I did not expect it one bit and proved my Plot sense wrong. Thought I had it all made out by chapter 15 but then again I did get that the Organ was the nexus of the story. As I said I love the book and cant wait to read more of Harper’s decent in to the Gray and the beings of the Gray.
    (oh yes I tend to ramble on for a bit)

  3. Elaine says:

    Even more lovely would be to get paid for being me. … until I really think about it. Still, it’s a nice half-thought. I also have brilliant ideas (or names) that I forget. About half the time they come back. The rest of the time I wish I had made myself record the thought on the spot. It all works out, though.

  4. I seem to get great ideas while walking home from the grocery store with my hands full of plastic carrier-bags of food. I haven’t yet learned to write notes with my nose, so I often forget my terribly clever bits before I get home to the computer or paper and pen.

    But that’s OK. Don McQuinn once told me to cut all the “clever” and if I still remembered it the next day, it might be worth putting back in, since most “clever” isn’t. And this probably wasn’t. I just think it was because I can’t remember it now.

  5. Levi says:

    That as well happens to me, I think I might just carry a memo pad with me.

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