I am the Anti-Starbucks

OK, so… most of my friends know I avoid Starbucks coffee as a rule–I’m not a trendy Starbucks basher, I just don’t like the taste and never have. I passed this trait along to my character and someone noticed to the degree that Poltergeist and I got mentioned in a Publishers Weekly article called Writers Pour it On about the prevalence of Starbucks in pop fiction. Harper and I get the last word. I’m amused.


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5 Responses to I am the Anti-Starbucks

  1. Levi says:

    Starbucks rival Seattle’s Best Coffee, hasn’t infiltrated America’s literary scene to anywhere near the same extent. But it does get mentions in Kat Richardson’s Poltergeist (Roc, Aug.). Richardson’s Seattle-based paranormal investigator prefers SBC over Starbucks: “SBC was only a block from my office and I wished I’d thought to meet him there in the first place. At least I’d be able to get a decent cup of coffee.”

    Funny thing is I do some times get something at that evil empire Starbucks, but alas there are very few coffee houses in Sioux Falls,SD. I love this 24hr coffee shop in town called SanKofa, but I hardly have to the time to go.
    Oh and I do hope you read some of my poems, I would love to have a writers view of them.
    Well I will leave it at that, till the joining of this world and the next where the gray and the living cross.

  2. Rob says:

    Seattle’s Best Coffee is owned by Starbuck’s…..

    The issue I have with Starbuck’s is simple…

    Going deaf from the noise level created by steaming the milk.

    Ex-Starbuck’s DEAF Barista

  3. Yeah, I know. For which I shan’t forgive them. My issue with Starbucks is the frankly crappy coffee. SBC is not what it used to be, but it’s still not as skanky as a cup of drip from Starbucks

  4. Cafe Ladro!

    or even Tully’s!

    Exclamation points!!

  5. well.. back in 2000 when I started the series neither of them was much of a much

    I really LIKE Cafe Lladro! YUM!! good enough to drink black

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