Blood sugar from HELL

For some reason this week has been hell on my blood sugar levels. I’m trying to be very good. I’m not eating tons of junk or cookies or fruit or even a lot of coffee and limiting my alcohol because I find it hard to type accurately when I’m even a little lit. But I still feel freaky and shaky a lot. Maybe it’s the endless staring into the monitor. Maybe it’s the Flonase and decongestants. But whatever, it’s not making life fun. On the other hand, it’s not getting the better of me absolutely, since I managed 5100 words yesterday.

Yup 5100. Not a personal record (that was 7200) but damned good considering I aim for an average of 2000. Unfortunately, I only did 650 today because I felt so crappy after reading and fixing the 5100 from the day before. But I’m currently at 53,400, so I’m teetering near the half-way point and things should go faster from here. I’ve laid down all the hard clues and characters, cranked the plot up to the top of the first hill and now it’s almost time to let the rollercoaster go and fly down the tracks in the chase! Yay!

Will she make it to the deadline on time…?


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  1. Elaine says:

    I’m impressed. Good for you! My personal best was 6000 in one day.

    My sinuses have been killing me for months. It might be the pollen or the dirt or the mold or whatever. Or maybe it’s the ciggarette factory here in town and the wind is in the right direction. Whatever.

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