Publishers Weekly weighs in

This link may not be good, since the website is subscription, but there’s now a Poltergeist review at Publishers Weekly. You’ll have to scroll a bit to find it. Once again, no handsprings, but I’m not at all unhappy to get a quotes like “Clever ghost-busting follow-up to her solid urban fantasy debut” and “Richardson’s view of the paranormal has a nice technological twist and features intriguing historical notes that lift this whodunit a cut above the average supernatural thriller” out of the reviewers there–no push-overs they. Hurray little book!

Meanwhile, still plugging along on Underground City, but feeling a little under the weather and hoping I haven’t caught my mom’s flu. Bleh.


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3 Responses to Publishers Weekly weighs in

  1. Jenni :-) says:

    Actually, that’s quite a nice review from PW – congratulations!

  2. Yeah, congrats! The link worked fine, and the review has a very positive tone. PW are a tough ‘audience’ so it’s especially cool. šŸ™‚

  3. Thank you. Yeah, if they’d been drooling and saying how wonderful it was, I’d have been a little worried that maybe someone was having me on. “[The author] makes it look effortless” was their highest praise of a starred book, so, “solid” “clever” and “a cut above” have to regarded in that context. The day PW raves over anything we can probably presume that ice skate rentals are going fast in Hell.

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