Poltergeist has a Harriet

The famous Harriet Klausner has reviewed Poltergeist at Alternative Worlds. Be warned: here there be spoilers (and some incorrect details) so don’t go reading if you don’t want to know!


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4 Responses to Poltergeist has a Harriet

  1. I love that Klausner, really I do — but I often find the same thing, that she’s been um, imprecise on some of the details. I guess when you read the sheer volume of material she does it can be forgiven, though 🙂

  2. Can’t complain too much, though–she’s sometimes the first review on the line and that’s always useful, since she never posts a review of a book she hated. Ahhh… strokes to the tiny, tiny egos of authors….

  3. Michael Ehart says:


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