Poltergeist’s first review

Whoohoo! Poltergeist has its first review at Don D’Amassa’s Fantasy Reviews page. OK, the man ain’t turning hand springs and calling me the next Phil Dick or Raymond Chandler, but coming from a famously hardnosed reviewer, “…let’s hope Harper Blaine returns for many more equally exciting exploits,” is tres cool. Though can I truly be said to emulate someone whose books I wasn’t aware of when I started? Whatever. It’s still a very nice review. (And a nice birthday present, too.)


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3 Responses to Poltergeist’s first review

  1. ElaineG says:

    Congratulations! I suppose it helps to drive readers to you when other famous names are mentioned. And Don mentioned a lot of them. However, I don’t always like the “if you like this that you will like that” suggestions since sometimes a key component is missing. I don’t like Anita Blake. Well, her style is good but there was way too much gratuitous sex in her last book for me. It was the only one of hers I’ve read and I gave up after reading a third of the book. However, if that key component were missing and the rest of the exciting detective stuff were in there I would definitely want to know about those books.

  2. Thanks, Elaine.

    I’m glad D’Amassa mentioned the detective angle, since that’s what I really set out to do and, yes, I find “if you like this you’ll like that” kind of weird, myself, but it’s an easy way for people to figure out if they want to read something. I suppose if this were a Venn diagram, I’d be in the intersection of “Like Hamilton without the sex” and “Raymond Chandler writes Horror.”

  3. ElaineG says:

    That helps. I like Venn diagrams. I’m dropping by B&N tonight to pick up “Greywalker.” Better to start at the beginning …

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