Getting Medieval : A Book Deal!

No, not mine. I’m thoroughly, goofily happy for my friend and fellow JABberwockian, Jeri Westerson who has finally landed the big fish: A Book Deal! With St. Martin’s no less. For her very excellent medieval noir detective novel Veil of Lies. Yup, you read that right: medieval noir. If you imagine Philp Marlowe or the Continental Op as a thirteenth century knight whose gotten stripped of his spurs and is now out on the mean streets of England hustling up work as a detective and general go-to guy of problem solveage you will have a good idea of what her protagonist Crispin Guest is like. Yes, of course I like him! What a silly question. I can hardly wait to see it in print at last! (and maybe she’ll finally let me read the whole thing.)

Congratulations, Jeri! You rock!

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4 Responses to Getting Medieval : A Book Deal!

  1. There’s so much rockage going around, ’cause *you* rock with all your enthusiasm. Thanks for the kind words.

  2. K.B. Wagers says:

    OOooo that sounds interesting!

  3. It’s damned good stuff. If you’re already reading writers like Margaret Frazer, Candace Robb, and Ellis Peters I think you’ll really like Jeri’s work, if you don’t mind a touch of the hardboiled. Crispin’s more hardboiled than most of the protagonists you see in medieval mysteries and being a big fan of the hardboiled school myself, I’m pleased as punch, though some readers will no doubt find that edge unpleasant. Most historical mysteries are a bit on the cozy, PC side for me when I know the period was actually pretty brutal and nasty. Jeri’s not going the full Jack Whyte and detailing the lop and fall of heads in battle, but there’s definitely more grit and grime.

  4. K.B. Wagers says:

    *nods* Definitely prefer the grit and grime in a book. I love the whole “knight in shining armor” concept, but it’s a whole lot more fun when that armor’s been … worked over a bit. *grins*

    You’ve gone into my phone list, Jeri. (because I never can remember books when I’m in the store and then I realized I have this handy dandy memo feature in my phone!) So I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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