Cat vacuuming

If you’re not a denizen of rec.arts.sf.composition, you may not be familiar with the term “cat vaccuming,” which means “avoiding writing/working by finding trivial things that seem like work to do instead” (like washing dishes or, well… vacuuming the cat.) For your further edification, here is someone actually vacuuming their cat (thanks to Marilee for posting the link at rasfic.) Now, if only I could get mine to go for that….

And in other exciting news, I went to my doctor to see about these headaches…. Diagnosis: chronic sinus infection irritated by mold. Prescription: antibiotics, nasal spray and–oh yes–get rid of the mold. Which, considering this is a boat is going to be tricky, since we also live here and have to move things out to get at the source of said mold. What fun! But my head feels better already. Snorting steroids is ever so much fun (wheeee….)

And now I’ve vacuumed enough cats. Back to work!

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